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Embedded Control

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Embedded Control

Intra-Tech, together with one of our clients developed a multiple microprocessor based multi-layer board using surface mount components to be used in the Paper Industry. This board contained:

  • 3 Microchip PIC microcontrollers
  • 2 nonvolatile FRAM chips
  • Plasma Display and membrane switches
    • 13 displays controlled/displayed 52 parameters such as position, speed, displacement, temperature, zone position control and more
  • RS-485 communication link that allows a PC to connect to over 100 of these boards
  • Real time Motor control capability

Used in numerous paper factories around the world for years, this is one of the most sophisticated controller boards in the Paper industry.

Previous designs of this board, which was designed and programmed by Intra-Tech, used the Intel 8031 microcontroller chip and became the de facto standard in the Paper Industry.

Intra-Tech, Inc. also developed an Intel 8031 based product that calculated daily the number of people entering retail stores and then downloaded the those tallies each month to a central computer to be analyzed by the retail chain management.

Our most recent Multiple Microcontroller based Design

PC Board and some sample displays

Multi-layer PC Board

Multi-layer PC Board with 2 PIC microcontroller chips, RS-485 mult-drop line allowing up to 100 of these boards to comunicate with a Personal Computer. The board contains 2 non-volatile FRAMs and a 4 line Flourescent display. It also contains 4 Digital Input/Outputs. Pushbuttons control and change the 13 four-line displays.

Real Time Position Display

Set Position Limits and Speed

Computer/Analog Speed Control

Maintenance Display