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Embedded Control

Systems Analysis




About Us

Intra-Tech, was founded by Dr. Saul Keslowitz in 1996. Since then, Intra-Tech, Inc. has provided software solutions and algorithm development and analysis to a number of Wall Street firms. Dr. Keslowitz has brought to Intra-Tech, Inc. over 25 years experience in Control Systems Analysis, Software design and development, and Microcontroller based design.

We have provided Consulting Services and developed for companies real-time algorithms and architectures for high throughput mission critical database applications. Companies have also outsourced to us the development of Embedded Control products.

For our Clients we can perform rapid prototyping, proof-of-concept and evaluate alternative designs of a product or an idea through simulations and a systems analysis. This can be done to predict the behaviour of a system before going into full scale production development.

Both on-site or off-site Consulting or Outsourcing services can be provided.

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